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  1. Hello Mr Rees,

    I was walking in the black forest at the top of a mountain and I have seen the spirit of the wood in your carving!!! I love the conception and the way you exhibit them;
    I feel a lot of freedom and ancien tales you give life and bring them up to our times….thank you we need to reinvest with the magic of living !!!!.
    Have a good summer .

    Coronus, a sculpture carved out of a German oak, is a part of the theme path in Kappel: Humans-Time-Earth a space to live in the biosphere area Kappel.
    This sculpture in Kappel was carved by Thomas Rees, a sculptor who has specialized on wooden carvings since decades. It represents a plague physician from the old days of the Black Death, wearing a cloak, and a protective masked stuffed with medicinal herbs. He raises his index finger as a warning. The left hand is reaching out for a chalice, which in turn represents seduction. On the chalice is a ball with nails as a symbol of the corona virus, as well as for the suffering world. The sculpture of Coronus is surrounded by sheep that are curious and lean on him.
    There are other sculptures along the theme path for instance the wind-sound sculpture called ‘Anima mundi,’ the Biosphere Devil and the ‘Creative Human.’ There are two paths with these biosphere themes: a long path and a short one with soundscapes. The Art and Cultural Association of Kappel was instrumental in realizing this project (www.kkv-kappel.de).
    The Kappler Valley is a part of the biosphere area of the Black Forest which has a territory of 63,000 hectares and stretches from Lörrach, Waldshut, Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and the eastern part of Freiburg which includes Littenweiler. If you’d like to learn more about the biosphere project you can do so under the link: http://www.xn--biosphren-gebiet-schwarzwald-bnc.de/ The video was made by the Regierungspräsidium Freiburg.
    In the 14th century (1348-50) the Black Death (Plague) decimated the population of Europe to almost a half. 25 million people (a fourth) died due to the bubonic plague. European traders brought the plague from Asia through the flea-ridden rats in sailing ships. The biblical prophecy of the end of the world seemed to be very near. The people were helpless and hapless and saw in the pandemic plague the punishment of God. The Black Death reached England in 1349 and Scotland in 1350. It began in the ports of Italy brought in by merchant ships from the Black Sea ports.
    The specific organism which caused plague was Bacillus pestis and it ravaged in Europe up to the late 17th century.
    Corona today has caused a lot of fear, anxiety and broken families and also joblessness. Turkey, Croatia, Ukraine and Armenia have been declared as high incidence corona areas, according to the Robert Koch Institute. Travelers from these areas are obliged to have a negative corona result. From Bratislava comes a critical Slovakian report about the vaccine Sputnik V, namely that the delivered vaccines are not identical to the one described in the British medical journal the Lancet. This information has piqued Russia and Moscow demanded the vaccines to be immediately returned. 50 countries have registered for the delivery of Sputnik V. It might be mentioned that the Russian vaccine has not been issued in the EU because there is no positive examination yet of Sputnik V. Bratislava and Moscow are exchanging twitter messages.
    Meanwhile, Germany has decided to give Astra Zeneca to its citizens who have crossed the age of 60.
    Jens Spahn, Germany’s Minister of Health, calls it: ‘einen sehr guten Impfstoff.’ A very good vaccine, and Chancellor Merkel has received a shot the same, despite 31 cases of Sinus vene thrombosis after the administration of this relatively cheap vaccine.

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